The scope of the Bureau's field of operation is both dynamic and unlimited. Even though the core responsibilities of the Bureau are outlined in the Standards and Metrology Acts. Accordingly, the following are the main responsibilities:

  1. The Preparation, declaration and maintenance of standards for Products* subject to trade in SVG and abroad; for environment and safety concerns etc.
  2. Assisting manufacturers/processors to improve the quality of their products and production processes;
    *Products include goods and services
  3. Providing laboratory examination, testing and investigation to stakeholders;
  4. Establishing or designating laboratories and testing facilities;
  5. Issuing of licenses to use the Standard Mark for products.
  6. Carry-out Conformity assessment for plants, products, labels etc.
  7. Verification of weighting and measuring devices used in trade and prepackaged goods.
  8. Providing of information and advice on standards and standards related matters to the general public.

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