In order to more efficaciously carry out its mandate and responsibilities, the SVGBS general modus operandi and its perceived status are guided by the following mission and vision statements:

The mission of the SVGBS is:

“…to enhance the quality of life for all Vincentians by ensuring that all goods and services produced and/or used in the country are of consistently acceptable standards and quality”.

The Vision statement for the SVGBS is:

“…to be recognized as an efficient and credible Standards and Quality Organization"

The SVGBS was conceived out of common agreement. Born of necessity and catalyzed by the changing global trading environment and consumers’ demands. Now the SVGBS’s carefully crafted mandate, policies and standards operating procedures ensure that the SVGBS clearly pursues its defined objectives in a disciplined, dispassionate and scientific way; all in the effort to enhance the quality of life for all Vincentians.


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