The SVGBS has established that the core values and behaviours it will be pursuing in carrying out its mandate are:

  1. Accountability
    We will serve the needs of the Vincentian public in a professional, responsible and accountable manner.
  2. Integrity
    We will deal with each other and with our customers and stakeholders on the basis of trust, understanding and respect for differing views and interests. We will try to find solutions that best reconcile diverse interests and provide optimum value to our stakeholders.
  3. Professionalism
    We will perform our tasks and produce our outputs to the best of our ability, with optimum utilization of resources and with a focus on continuously improving quality, productivity and professional development.
  4. Transparency
    We will consult with our stakeholders and appreciate their views. We will seek to enable stakeholders to play a participative role in policy development and implementation. As a matter of fact, the general public will be engaged in our operations.
  5. Team-Spirited
    We will involve our people in the success of our organisation. We will value initiative, cooperation, innovation, communication and flexibility in our work and the quality of work life within our organisation. We will encourage, support and involve staff in the mechanisms and processes through which we make decisions in our organisation.
  6. Vision
    We will be guided by the principle of foresight as well as by the adage of “ where there is no vision, the people perish ”. Accordingly, our eyes will always be openly focused on the challenges and new paradigms that are ever arising in order to charter our path successfully forward.

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