Importers and dealers of weighing and measuring devices in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are required only to import and sell devices, which

  1. import the quality of Weighing and Measuring devices offered for sale for use in commercial transactions;
  2. ensure equity in trade;
  3. are in the dual mode for commercial trade;
  4. are adequately labelled; there must be clear differentiation between devices imported for domestic use as against those imported for commercial purposes.

All importers of devices are encourage to be registered with the SVGBS and the initial verification of devices to be used for commercial purposes by the SVGBS (as set out in the Weights and Measures Act) prior to their sale, to ensure accuracy is maintained.

Importers and dealers are advised to cooperate with the SVGBS and to comply with prescribe standards and regulation so that only quality devices would be imported and to ensure that they are following set guidelines devised for the smooth operations of the national weights and measures programme. Dealers and importers are also warned against unscrupulous practices and are urged to address the quality concerns of consumers, as against focusing purely on profit making.

Consumers, the quality of life and the importance of accuracy of weights and measures must not be slighted or be underestimated.  It is your responsibility and therefore it is incumbent on you to ensure such.   Consumers, as you go about your business of conducting trade remember that all weighing and measuring devices MUST be approved by the Bureau of Standards.

Look for the seal of approval.


The Bureau is here to facilitate trade, not to vex it.


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