The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards (SVGBS) was established by the Standards Act to function as a corporate body, and is presently operating under the aegis of Ministry of Telecommunications, Science and Technology and Industry.

A National Standards Council (NSC) appointed by Cabinet administrates the General Affairs of the Bureau. The members on this Council are appointed from the public and private sector with interest, qualifications and experience in fields relating to standards. The NSC is the main policy organ and the regulator of the SVGBS. Its principal responsibility is to determine and approve policy guidelines to ensure that the standardization activities pursued by the Bureau play a vital part in the development of the national economy.

An Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day operation/administration of the Bureau of Standards. The full compliment of staff (as of 2005/10/01) is:

Director Mr. Ezra D. Ledger
Standards Officers Ms. Velda Gumbs
Mr. Michael McLean
Ms. Haydeen Charles
Standards Inspectors Mr. Carlos Williams
Ms. Jennifer Douglas
Ms. Shornette Gurley
Mr. Saville Samuel
Mr. Kemron Beache
Senior Clerk Ms. Hyacinth Duke
Laboratory Technician Mr. Simeon Bacchus
Laboratory Assistant Mr. Clyde Charles
Typist/Clerk Ms. June Knights
Office Attendant Ms. Cassandra Laborde
Janitor Mrs. Monique Gurley

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