The SVGBS was established by the Standards Act No. 70 of 1992 (amended by Act No. 28 of 2001). In this Act under the Section on “Establishment of Bureau and Council” it makes provision for the appointment of a National Standards Council of the SVGBS. Accordingly t he National Standards Council (NSC) is appointed by Cabinet to administrate the General Affairs of the Bureau.

The members on this Council are appointed from the public and private sector with interest, qualifications and experience in fields relating to standards. The NSC is the main policy organ and the regulator of the SVGBS. Its principal responsibility is to determine and approve policy guidelines to ensure that the standardization activities pursued by the Bureau play a vital part in the development of the national economy.

The Standards Act indicates the membership/representatives on the Council. Appointments on the Council are of two years duration.

Cabinet Appointed Members/Representatives - 3rd National Standards Council for the period 2004 to 2006 .

Mr. Reginald DaSilva
Mr. Dennis Gaymes
National Consumers Association
Mr. Philmore Isaacs
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Mr. Albert Porter
St. Vincent Brewery Ltd
Ms. Shanta Haynes
East Caribbean Groups of Companies
Dr. St. Clair Thomas
Ministry of Health & the Environment
Mr. Albert Francis
Customs and Excise Dept
Mr. Carl Williams
Legal Department
Mr. Kevin Drayton
Small Business/Manufacturer
Mr. Nathaniel Williams
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Mr. Clarence Thomas
Windward Islands Farmers Association
Mr. Ezra D. Ledger
Bureau of Standards

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