The Weights and Measures responsibility was previously carried-out by the RSVPF under Chapter 120 of the Laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines , however, a new Weights and Measures Act was passed in the House of Assembly in February 2003 and was proclaimed effective from 11 th January 2005.

This Act (legislation) now gives the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards the legal responsibility for the verification of all weighing and measuring devices use for trade in St. Vincent and the Grenadines .

Further, with the coming on stream of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy and the other trade requirements of the FTAA and WTO, each country needs to harmonized its legislation relative to weights and measures so as to facilitate trade on the same level as well as to have accurate and traceable systems of verifying physical quantities used in trade.

Therefore, the responsibilities of Weights and Measures will soon be carried out by the SVGBS.

Metrology is by definition the science of measurements. And will include inter alia, the calibration, testing, verification of equipment, instruments, appliances and other devices used in manufacturing or trade

Weights and Measures form part of the subject of metrology and are intrinsically linked to trade practices. It is therefore logical to have Weights and Measures form part of the activities of an organization responsible for the development of standards testing, quality and metrology. The responsibility of Weights and Measures should be transferred to the Bureau of Standards.

Metrology is an important tool for the exchange of goods. The success of social and economic development is directly related to technical development of which metrology is an integral part.

International standards and procedures for physical and chemical testing is a pre-requirement for trade liberalization and market access of products, processes and services. Sustainable development in health, agriculture and forestry and other material resources, will demand accurate physical and chemical measurements to monitor use of resource and quality of products and sources. In its first phase the Metrology Laboratory at the Bureau will provide basic metrological services in testing, calibration and certification of weights and measures.

The SVGBS will be responsible to carry out the verification and calibration of all weighing and measuring devices as prescribed under the legislation. It will also to carry out “spot checks” at all trading outlets in SVG to determine whether weighing and measuring devices used for trade purposes are accurate. Additional, the Metrology department will be responsible to verify net content of prepackaged foods/goods.


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